About Caffeine Withdrawal and Living a High Energy Life

CaffeineWithdrawal.co is devoted to helping you free yourself from the grips of the most widely used psychoactive stimulant on the planet — caffeine. Here, you will find tools and articles to dissolve your dependence on caffeine and live a highly energetic and enthusiastic life, without any stimulants.

In a world that seems to demand the best of you, Caffeinewithdrawal.co is a place where you can step back from the urgency of it all and learn that there is an abundance of happiness, energy, awesome workouts, beautiful mornings, and productivity to last you long after giving up caffeine.

Who We Are

Matt Cartagena is co-author of Accelerate, Founder Insights into Startup Accelerator Programs, and has been a business development professional for various startups. He holds his MBA from Montclair State University and is an Alumnus of the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship. Matt is passionate about helping people find their best versions of themselves.
Javier Colon is a life long self explorer, meditator, researcher, and thinker of all things. His passion is to question all the things we’ve taken as indisputable truths, and share the knowledge I acquire with like minded people in the hopes of creating an atmosphere he too can increase my knowledge with.